Tiny House Workspace Inspiration - Simply | Marie

Tiny House Workspace Inspiration

Tiny House Workspace Inspiration - Simply | Marie Tiny House Blog

What about your home office? I get so much more work done when I am sitting at a desk rather than sitting on the couch with my computer. So, having a desk/workspace in my tiny house is important.

Here are a few requirements I have for this desk.

  1. Surrounded by windows.
  2. Located in the front of the house.
  3. I need room for my computer, a lamp and minimal office supplies.

Tiny House Workspaces

My favorite tiny house desk is the one from this blog post. It’s my main inspiration. Here are a few other tiny house offices that I draw inspiration from.

1. This one isn’t nestled in a corner of windows. But it’s practical and doesn’t take up too much space.

2. Here is one in front of a window. Right across from the kitchen. Which makes sense for me because multitasking.

3. Nestled in the front of the house with a window. Check!

3. Two workspaces. I love this one because it has a desk designated for knitting/crochet.

4. Minimalist desk. Still enough room for a laptop, lamp and more.

5. Here is a desk/couch workspace fit for an artist.

This last tiny house workspace leads me to an important question. How cozy do I want my workspace to be?


Maybe I should focus on a cozy workspace? These aren’t from tiny houses, but I love their decor and window designs.

1. This is from a house in Finland. Love the corner window with plants and floral print throw pillows.

2. Overhead windows?

3. White Christmas lights are a must. They are the perfect addition to a cozy corner.

cozy corner window workspace inspiration

Tiny House Desk

Thanks for reading!

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