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7 Tiny House Lofts I Would Totally Sleep In

Tiny House Loft Inspiration - Simply | Marie Tiny House Blog

There are a few decisions you need to make before you design your tiny house loft.

  • What kinds of windows do you want?
  • How much space do you need?
  • Are you going to include room for storage in your loft?
  • Do you need some kind of railing for safety?

Here are a few of my favorite tiny house lofts. What do you want your loft to look like?

1. Two lofts. 
Here is a simple, creative solution if you need more loft space. What about two lofts with a cool mini-skywalk in between?

2. Heirloom.

You can make your loft a triangle, or get more space by raising and flattening the roof like this loft. This loft as a skylight and side windows.

Tiny House Swoon | Heirloom Tiny Home

3. Skylights

This might be my favorite. The skylights are huge! Imagine waking up naturally with the sunlight and listening to the rain at night.

Apartment Therapy | Skylights Above The Bed


4. Escape Window. 

I’m pretty good at coming up with worst-case scenarios. That is why it’s very important to me to have an “escape window” in my loft. If you choose to have a smaller loft, giant windows can help open up the space.

Tiny House Galore
5. Classy. 
This all-white house is as fancy as it comes.
Tiny House Swoon | Lindley


6. Cozy cabin.
Another one of my favorites. Escape window, check.
7. Storage options.

Looking to add storage to your loft? In a tiny house, every square inch counts. You can add mini closets to your loft.

Tiny Project
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